What are 'Soul Notes'

This is your Human Design Chart Reading ... delivered in a totally new and upgraded format!

This is where the magic can really happen lovely - understanding YOUR true purpose and design that is uniquely YOU. I am here to be your guide as you take your first steps on this journey.

What will my 'Soul Notes' look into:

*Explaining your soul's type, inner guidance system, and purpose

*How you uniquely interact with energy around you

*What your inner knowing or intuition looks like

*How you can harness your power to make decisions in life

*What your soul is here to do

*Which gifts are uniquely yours to share

*What karma or lessons your soul is here to learn in this lifetime


What do my 'SOUL NOTES' include?

A full chart reading by Rose, in a 20 page custom made Ebook delivered as a PDF document

In your Soul Notes will be included your unique Human Design Type, Strategy, Authority, Centres, Gates, Channels, Profile and Incarnation Cross

Your Soul Notes are your chart analysis to keep, including the components of your chart put into easy to follow language!

Accompanying your Soul Notes is an audio recording of each component in your chart, recorded by Rose, to give you a fully immersive experience 

This is an entirely new paradigm way to understand your soul's purpose, guided by Rose to decode for you your own unique magic, gifts and alignment


What others are saying...


A soul-manual for your unique design! Think of this as the guide book to your soul that you always wanted to have access to.

This will cover how your energy type can thrive in this new paradigm, learn to identify where you may have been most affected by the energetics of the world around you so you can dive into those specific places to do the inner work, and a guide to your unique magic and approach to life.

Your PDF guide will cover your unique Human Design, including the following set of variables that are the pieces of the cosmic puzzle that go into creating your own special brand of magic:

  • Energy Type
  • Strategy Tor Thriving In Alignment
  • Authority And Inner Compass
  • Chakras And Centres - Identifying Which Are Defined/Undefined/Open For You
  • Your Karma In This Lifetime (Incarnation Cross)
  • How You Show Up To Carry Out Your Purpose (Profile)
  • Gates and Channels That Are Activated Within Your DNA
  • Your Unique Way To Digest Life, Aligned Environment & Cognition

You receive a PDF copy of your chart analysis to keep, including the components of your chart put into easy to follow language, along with audio recording by Rose of your chart components 


How soon can I expect to receive my 'Soul Notes'?

All SOUL NOTES aim to be delivered within 7 days of placing your order. This is to allow enough time to pull together all the juicy goodness and analysis of your unique chart - to ensure the best chart reading experience possible this is a process that takes a little bit of time! 

Happy booking,


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