Now More Than Ever, Is Your Time To Shine

We are moving faster than ever into the new paradigm, and with that positive shift forward, there is a huge change in perception of what it means to be sensitive in this world

We need you, your sensitive soul even MORE now than ever!

It's time to allow your superpowers to shine


You feel overwhelmed by all the *shoulds* that your family, friends and society say you are supposed to be in your life...

You KNOW in your heart that you are here to do something special, but just haven't found that thing that sets your soul on fire each day...

Your sensitivity feels like it has always been viewed negatively by those around you...

You feel everything, the energetics of the world around you, you can walk into a room and 'know' that the energy is wrong...

You struggle with your moods, one day you can feel really motivated, energised and like you're nailing life... then out of the blue, you suddenly drop into feeling low, anxious, overwhelmed...

You find it hard to explain to others how you are feeling, and worry about other people's opinions...

I get you, I know because I have been there!

How often have you felt like life is happening ‘to you’ without any control? Feeling like you are completely at the mercy of the outside world - maybe its your family, your workplace, your friendship group, or even the bigger seemingly random outside world that comes crashing like a wave around you. 

Just as you think you’ve got back onto level ground, like you’ve righted your ship after the storm - out of no where comes an email, text, phone call that sets you right back to the middle of the storm once again - but this time its a new storm and the shit flying around is completely different.

It seems like there’s nothing that you can do to stop these things from happening that you feel like you haven’t caused or had anything to do with, but suddenly you are responsible for creating the solution to.

It’s exhausting, I know. 

Your sensitive soul feels every painful moment, every emotion, and you just want to make it all go away. 

I've learned to use my openness and sensitivity...

Which is something I am passionate about sharing, and helping people just like you to discover how to use your own sensitivity to shine your light brighter than ever before

To empower you to receive your permission slip from the universe to be UNIQUELY YOU

To shed the layers of who you thought you *should* be ... and to finally step forward with a confidence and unshakable foundation to embody the magic that your soul came here to share.

To hand over your PERMISSION SLIP from the universe, through understanding your unique HUMAN DESIGN 


I want to give you the tools to be able to thrive in this new paradigm, to empower yourself to know where your own unique superpowers lie, and to be able to shed all the old energetics that you have taken on board that no longer serve your soul.

This is something I have been called to put together for some time now, and for the first time I am offering this type of support that is in a completely digital format, so that you can work through this soul nourishing information from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and to fit around your beautiful life.

I'll give you the bet of the knowledge and soul support I have used as a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON and the accumulation of over 10 years of guidance and mentorship.

I am here to share the wisdom of your soul's unique Human Design code, so that you can see your true self, the highest self version of you that came here in this lifetime to SHINE. Your soul's true alignment and the way you can confidently show up in the world knowing what gifts and superpowers you came here with in this lifetime.


It's Your Time To Allow Your Superpowers To Shine!


Thank you dear sensitive soul! You're on the waitlist to know FIRST when the next enrolment for 'Sensitivity Is Your Superpower' begins!

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