Get ready to binge on all things being a Reflector!


The Reflector

These are the living unicorns and super rare types in human design, with less than 1% of the population falling into this category. What a reflector’s purpose is to be the true mirror for society, and they have the greatest potential for wisdom out of all the 5 types. 

So energetically, they are like blank slates, they don’t produce their own energy - so are more similar to the projector - but they have what is described as a Teflon Aura, so they actually have a superpower over us poor projectors who literally feel every-single-thing… and they can let everything else in the world around them slide right on by…. But because they have very little of their own defined energy and added to the fact they are growing up in a world of the Generator, Manifestor and Manifesting Generator life can be fucking confusing for these people.

Reflectors are here in this life with a purpose to mirror, absorb or magnify the society they are surrounded by back to other people for them to be able to see - so they have an important role. They are designed to be the people who wake up and think “Who am I going to be today that makes me the happiest” so they will typically wear lots of hats over their lifetime, will change jobs lots, will float through many changes, and be completely unconventional but in their happiest state by being unconventional.

Another way to describe them is they are basically supposed to sit at the centre of a community and be the barometer to show the health of the community around them in terms of their vitality, happiness, spirituality etc.

For a reflector to be in their happiest and highest alignment they are supposed to live their life being the Sieve (instead of the sponge) and to take their time with any decision making, because just like the Moon doesn't create its own light it reflects the Sun; they should wait 28 days like the lunar cycle with any decision making in life. 

Because of their rarity (as only 1% of the population!) Sandra Bullock is the best known name as a Reflector type.


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