Get ready to binge on all things being a Generator!


The Generator

These design types are powerhouses; they make up 37% of the worlds population, and when you combine them with their similar type (called Manifesting Generators) they combine to make up 70% of the worlds population.

They are life-force in motion.

Thanks to their Sacral Chakra being defined, when a Generator is living in their "HELL YES" aligned life, they harness and make use of pure life force energy.

Generators have a magnetic and attracting energy and aura. They are here to make the most of life, and use their unbounded energy to move the world. A Generator living in alignment and following their inner voice are the kind of people you will recognise in life that when they are doing what they love, they are so sparkly and lit up.  

A Generator is the person who the saying "if it isn't a hell yes, it's a hell no" was made for. These people need to listen to their gut, rather than saying yes to things they feel they ‘should’ do which don’t light them up.

Because of their power house energy, they will find that other people will want to use a generator’s energy to their own gain. But generators need to feel lit up and passionate with what they’re doing and using their energy for, or else they can burn out spending time taking care of everyone else's needs.

Examples of Generators are Lady Gaga and Oprah - with all that power house energy and life force to move the world with what they do. A huge part of what Human Design teaches for each type is how to go about living in your highest alignment with your design - kind of like your key way to approach life to be your happiest or most fulfilled - and for a Generator this is to Wait, React and Respond. 

WAIT: Before taking action, A Generator must listen to their Sacral to respond

REACT: The Sacral Chakra will react with an inner voice. The "Hell Yes" or "Hell No" gut instinct. This is a physical noise that will come from the Sacral to guide a Generator, which will sound like an “AH-HUH” for a yes, or a “UH-NUH” for a no

RESPOND: This response will guide a Generator to their own truth, reveal who they are, what they love and value most. This provides breadcrumbs to follow from the moment a Generator wakes up, until the minute they hit the pillow at night!





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