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Hi, I'm Rose

If I was to introduce myself in Human Design speak... I am a Mental Projector, with a 6/2 profile (the Role Model & the Hermit)

If I was to grab a large coconut milk latte and sit down with you to chat, I'd describe myself as a Beach-Side nomad who is lit up by guiding other women on their journey to finding who they truely are (before the world tried to tell them who they should be)

I am a passionate advocate for finding your own personal brand of happiness and living life true to your individual design. My purpose in this lifetime is to help women step into who they are, raise their self confidence, overcome people pleasing and give the middle finger to societies expectations!

This part of me has been supercharged since first discovering Human Design, but what about before that?

What about before I found Human Design?

I had always struggled with body image and stress:
 I used to always feel like what I saw in the mirror wasn’t the person I was on the inside. I was also excellent at making up for my insecurities by over committing myself, saying yes to everything, always putting others first - my people pleaser  personality combined with a mindset that I had to excel in everything meant that I was so far out of balance it wasn’t funny!

Forever ‘chubby’ growing up, no matter how sporting and careful with my nutrition I was - the mental struggle I had with my body was often torture behind a fake smile and cheery personality. Trust me, I have been through the yo-yo’s, the fads, the extreme exercising, and the disordered eating ... in fact, just over 2  years ago you would have found me working 80 hour+ weeks, riddled with anxiety, relying heavily on alcohol, under-eating, gaining weight, and a downright hot mess. I didn’t recognise myself anymore.

It took a "hit the wall" health crisis in 2017 to push me to finally invest in sorting out my health. No more 80 hour work weeks for me. I found out I was battling Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue and Leaky Gut. I wasn’t going crazy like I thought, and no wonder I was overwhelmed. I’m in no way ‘finished’ in my own journey now, but I feel like a completely new person, empowered and lit up by my purpose to guide others in their Human Design journeys.... and trust me, that is an energy I plan on carrying with me forever. In the simplest way of explaining it, life has become fun again!

That moment I was forced to physically just ‘stop’ and re-evaluate how my life was playing out led me to expand from just a little Instagram page that helped keep me personally accountable, and moving forward in my own health journey - into a bigger community of women who are ditching the overwhelm, the stress and the daily diet culture onslaught.

Nowadays you can mostly find me actively LIVING IN MY DESIGN building a sustainable life, a ’slow-living’ environment for my little family, whizzing up daily smoothies and walking my dogs on the beach.


Most of my days I live and breathe Human Design, creating resources to share with the world, diving into chart readings, and record my Podcast from my home studio (yep, mere metres from the ocean).

Being a projector I am super careful with my energy, and guard it fiercely! Things that you'll find it hard to stop me chatting about are all things understanding your WHY, happiness and wellness. I’m realistic and proactive about balancing out my life. I work hard to protect and nourish my own energy everyday. 

Want to know what I enjoy the most? Helping others discover Human Design and begin their journey towards finding their keys to the happiness ride. Making life fun and enjoyable again … I love sharing the knowledge I have picked up along my own journey, love learning new things myself, and if it can make just one person’s life a little easier, I feel like I’ve hit the soul food jackpot. (Oh and I’ll warn you now, there’s always usually at least one of my dogs involved in everything I do, because they’re the best teachers in the universe) 

I found my soul mate Darren 10 years ago, and he is my partner in both life and business (and because the universe is WILD and nothing happens without a purpose he is also a Mental Projector! And get this, there's only 2% of the world's population who are Mental Projectors!) I am mum to my 14 year old son by choice, who is in the early stages of starting a home schooling journey (if you're following me on socials I share on there our weekly adventures!) and my two best friends my dogs Shilo & Inca. I grew up living all over this little blue dot in the universe (8 different countries in 18 years) and now spend my days running my business from home in a beautiful little beach side village Kakanui, New Zealand. 

Thank you for being here, and of course I would love to connect with you! So make sure you stop by to say hi.



Listen In As I Share About My Own Experience Living My Human Design As A Mental Projector


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