Hey there lovely,

Welcome to the place to find our more about my 1:1 Intuitive Guidance and Clarity sessions - EMPOWERED SOUL!  

Supporting you on your own path to thriving with living your design is what fills my cup.

To introduce myself in Human Design-y speak:

I am a 6/2 Mental Projector (Ajna + Throat Defined)
with 6 Undefined Centres and Open Emotional Centre! 


Whether you have already been running your own business for a little while now, or have that seed of an idea that has started growing, or you are seeking clarity on WHAT your soul purpose is - I got you! 

Empowered Soul is a safe space where we explore how to bring your dreams and vision to reality, thriving in alignment with your Human Design. Embodying who you truly came here to be in this lifetime.

Because you’re here, I know you are ready for this NEW PARADIGM way of life… where abundance, business, marketing and self-love are all integral parts of how you create a business grounded in your soul purpose. Weaving all things woo and practical together!

This can be a powerful one-off session to gain clarity, or can evolve into ongoing sessions if that feels aligned for you at a customised investment level in yourself - I love to work to create something that works FOR YOU.


October - December 2020

As this is a highly personalised deep dive style clarity session - there are a limited number of sessions available! Current available dates in my bookings calendar are:

Wednesday 21st
Thursday 22nd
Wednesday 28th
Thursday 29th
(90 minutes - NZT 10.30-12pm)

Wednesday 25th
Thursday 26th 
(90 minutes - NZT 10.30-12pm)

Wednesday 2nd
Thursday 3rd
Wednesday 9th
Thursday 10th
(90 minutes - NZT 10.30-12pm)

What does EMPOWERED SOUL include?

> A 90 minute 1:1 Video Call with Rose - Held via Zoom

> We will explore how to bring your dreams and vision to reality, thriving in alignment with your Human Design

> We'll explore your relationship with abundance, your money-stories, building an aligned business you thrive within, marketing your uniqueness, how to share your stories and what self love + self care look like for you

> Taking a look at your routines & rituals to create a sustainable, aligned vibrational match between you and your desires

> A recording of our session together - yours to keep!

> Rose will intuitively read your chart for your soul's story - including aspects relating to:

  • your energy type + aura
  • your authority + alignment
  • your profile - breaking down the two components of the lines
  • your incarnation cross + your soul's purpose
  • your channels + lines (from both your conscious and subconscious)
  • your unique way of processing life - digestion, cognition, environment, manifesting style
  • and your north node


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Curious to see a chart reading in action?

Watch me give a chart reading for a Splenic Projector


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