Human Design Authority and Profile

What is an Authority and a Profile?

Once you know which one of the 5 types you are, there is also a unique thing for you called your Authority - and this is essentially your inner compass or guidance system to listen to or use for all your decision making.

This is the way you can trust your inner guidance or some people will call it intuition to know that you are always making a decision that is truly in alignment for you and your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Each person has only one Authority that is specific for them, and depending on the person this comes different forms.

Your AUTHORITY can be any of these included in this list - but you only have one:

  • A gut instinct from the Sacral Chakra, 
  • A 6th sense knowing from the Spleen,
  • An emotional wave from the Solar Plexus,
  • An ego desire from the Heart,
  • A Self projected authority,
  • An Environmental or Sounding Board authority, 
  • For Reflectors they have what is called Lunar Authority.

So how does this relate to my Profile?

Your Profile is another aspect to your chart (separate to your type and authority), but interacts with these as the way in which your soul is here to show up in the world.

Think of it as the way in which you will carry out your individual purpose, or the "clothes you wear" as you go about fulfilling your purpose.

You can be the exact same type and authority as the person next to you - for example an Emotional Manifesting Generator - but your Profile is one of the parts to the bigger cosmic puzzle that explains why you are completely unique from each other.

Your Profile takes into account both your Conscious and Unconscious parts of your personality. 

Your Profile is like the niche within the niche of Human Design and is a lot of fun to explore and learn how to empower yourself to understand!


There are six "lines" in Human Design, that relate to our behaviours and how we show up in this lifetime to fulfil our purpose.

Think of this as the foundation that comes from the IChing wisdom, and each person's Profile is expressed in their Human Design chart as a combination of two of these lines. The first of the two numbers comes from you Conscious personality. The second number comes from your Unconscious side. (The part that you maybe don't see about yourself, but other people will be able to see in you!)

To understand the energetic expression behind each of the 6 lines, a good analogy is a house - 1 is the ground floor foundation that everything else sits upon; 2 is the living space on the first floor; 3 is the staircase moving the energy from the first floor to the second storey; 4 is the second floor foundation; 5 is the room at the top of the stairs with the curtains pulled with a mysterious quality; 6 is the roof with the birds eye overlooking the entire neighbourhood.


ONE - INVESTIGATOR (The foundation)
TWO - HERMIT (The first floor living space)
THREE - MARTYR (The staircase)
FOUR - OPPORTUNIST (The second storey landing)
FIVE - HERETIC (The mysterious upstairs window)
SIX - ROLE MODEL (The roof top)


The combinations of the 6 lines listed above, come together to form 12 different profiles that exist in Human Design. These fall into three categories that relate to our karma or fate in this lifetime.

Profiles with the smaller number first are those who have a PERSONAL DESTINY and their karma is much more focused on themselves, what they have come here to do and achieve in this lifetime - and while they will bump into others along the way, they aren't here to be affected by other people's karma. These soul's are focused on the future and chose to come here with the curtain drawn across past lives and incarnations to keep their eye on forward looking karma they are here to create!

The 4/1 is entirely unique and sits in its own category - where this is a BONUS LIFE with fixed fate, and souls with this profile can relax in trusting that they are just here to have fun and enjoy the ride this time around in this lifetime!

Profiles with the larger number first are here to have a TRANS PERSONAL DESTINY. These people are here to interact with other people's karma, to bump into others along their journey in this lifetime and to interact with others along the way. They are people who have retained a connection to past lifetimes, past incarnations and often can feel familiar with certain people or places without knowing why! These people are here to clean up the karma already created. 


1/3 Investigator/Martyr
1/4 Investigator/Opportunist
2/4 Hermit/Opportunist
2/5 Hermit/Heretic
3/5 Martyr/Heretic
3/6 Martyr/Role Model
4/6 Opportunist/Role Model

4/1 Opportunist/Investigator


5/1 Heretic/Investigator
5/2 Heretic/Hermit
6/2 Role Model/Hermit
6/3 Role Model/Martyr

Want to know more about the profiles?

I am currently putting together Masterclasses on each of the 12 Profiles! Watch this space for some epic resources coming your way soon!

My name is Rose Tautari, and if I was to introduce myself in Human Design speak, I am a Mental Projector, with a 6/2 profile (being both the Role Model and the Hermit). But if I was to grab a coconut milk latte (large please!) and sit down with you to chat in real life, I'd describe myself as a Beach-Side nomad who has the daily privilege of guiding other women on their journey to finding who they truly are (before the world tried to tell them who they “should” be). I am a Human Design reader and guide, an author and I host a weekly Human Design show called Lotus Life The Podcast


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