The Projector


"Let me help you"

The newest energy archetype on the block (having only been around for about 230 years) Projectors make up around 20% of the population. This energy type is named after their aura which is unique in that it is focused on the other, and extends (or projects) into other people. This gives the projector a superpower of being able to see into others and interact with them on a deep energetic level unlike any of the other types. 

Projectors are a non-energy type, which means they haven’t got the consistent source of life force energy that other types have. Their gift is wisdom, efficiency and guidance for others - they thrive by understanding and empowering themselves on how to use their energy and unique soul’s purpose to guide the other archetypes. Imagine a Projector as the birds sitting up on the branch of a tree overlooking the herd below them, and they get to choose exactly when to flap their wings and fly to another branch to gain clarity and insight of what is ahead to share with others. 

A Projector who doesn’t understand their unique aura and energy type has usually spent their life trying to live as the 80% of the world around them who are Generators, Mani Gens and Manifestors. Chances are they are burnt out and exhausted trying to keep up, or have been left feeling lazy and unsuccessful because their life has been lived out of alignment for their design.

The Projectors strategy for using their energy in a way that will unlock their magic and gifts is to “wait for the invitation.” By allowing others to recognise them and their aura, then offer an invitation, a Projector can respond by sharing their insight, guidance or wisdom. 


  • Embrace the “magic of the inbetween”
  • Lean into recognising YOURSELF every day for your unique gifts, talents and abilities
  • Permission to REST, REST and MORE REST
  • Learn how to set strong boundaries (and enforce them)
  • Give yourself the gift of alone time and space to unwind every day


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