The Manifestor


"I'm here to flick the cosmic dominos"

The second rarest type, being only about 8% of the population. Manifestors are part of the minority of people who do not have their Sacral Centre defined (only Generators and Mani Gens have this!) but a Manifestor does have the ability to tap into their own unique energy source driven by their going after their desires. Manifestors are the true “doers” and hundreds of years ago would have been in positions of power, starting revolutions, changing the course of history, and running kingdoms. Their gift is to use their independence, manifesting ability and “take action” life force to create an impact wherever they go.

Manifestors are true to their name, with an exceptional ability to “manifest” in the classic sense, or create exactly what they envision or desire. These are the only energy type to be able to initiate from their own desires - all the other types have to ‘wait’ in some capacity before using their energy for something. Think of them as the person who flicks the cosmic dominos, and the rest of the world are the dominos energetically responding to a Manifestors ability to initiate!

A Manifestor’s aura is designed to “protect” them, having a selective energy which means that only the people who are right for them will be in their life. The saying “I’m not for everyone” is true for a Manifestor living in alignment!

A Manifestors strategy for using their energy in the correct way is “to inform” - this isn’t a process of asking for permission (a Manifestors biggest fear!); but simply a way of removing energetic resistance and allowing their powerful energy to interact in alignment with others.


  • You are here to make an impact!
  • Think of yourself as the one who flicks the cosmic dominos
  • Allow your soul time for deep rest
  • Let other people around you know what your ideas/vision is - not to ask permission - but to give them a chance to jump on your train!
  • Freedom to do as your soul desires is vital


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