The Manifesting Generator


"I create my multiple realities"

Manifesting Generators make up the other 35% of the population who have access to their Sacral Chakra energy. A hybrid of the Generator and Manifestor types, these people are  responsible for the “life force” of the planet, and can also create their own reality!

Manifesting Generators (or Mani Gens as I affectionately like to call them) are guided by their Sacral Chakra inner voice (which only pure Generators or Manifesting Generators can have). The life force energy that comes from the Sacral dominates the frequency of the planet and throughout history has meant Mani Gens have been both the creative spark energy and stamina of human history.

Manifesting Generators are designed to do lots of things, at the same time! They have lots of ideas, become inspired easily, and are unique in that they can get more done than most “ordinary” people because their pace of life is FAST. These types are active-multitaskers and need to be doing more than one thing at a time (equally as fast as they can start something, they also are designed to put things down as quickly as they begin them, without any self judgment - that’s just their design!) A Mani Gen has an open and enveloping aura that draws people into their orbit and is truly magnetic when they are living in alignment!

A Manifesting Generators strategy for using their energy in the correct way is known as “respond, then inform” which listens to their inner Sacral Chakra voice first for the “hell yes” or “hell no” and then simply informing others around them of what they are/aren’t doing. This isn’t asking permission, far from it, but allows their aura and energy to interact in alignment with the world around them!


  • You are here to live out your “speedy-creator” inspiration!
  • Multiple tasks, projects and ideas are your jam
  • Allow yourself permission to put new things you start down, just as quickly as you pick them up - there’s no need to complete everything you begin
  • Do what you love, and love what you do is your life’s motto
  • Remember to burn off your energy on the daily
  • Give yourself permission to indulge in the things you love (no strings attached)


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