Human Design? What's that?!

What is Human Design?

Have you ever wondered why you are completely different to other people around you?

Like WHY you are just sooooooo different to other people you come across?

Human Design is the link, or the bridge where science meets ancient wisdom - and it will change your life. 

Think of this as a powerful way of understanding what your soul is here in this lifetime to achieve, or what your soul’s purpose is in this life.

"What does it come from?" I hear you asking - It is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science - including tools that you probably have heard of -  Astrology, Chakras, I Ching, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. 

The REAL juice?
The REAL magic?
What it REALLY helps you to understand?

Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the universe in this lifetime for who you came here to be, what you came here to do, and what karma you came to correct this time around. 

Your unique Human Design is what reveals your magic, (a little like an astrology chart on steroids) and is determined by your exact birth date, time and location.  Each soul is imprinted with a different combination of those factors depending on what was going on energetically in the universe at the time your soul chose to be born, which generates a chart specific to only you.

We are not all here on this earth to be the same homogenous flavour of human, despite much of the pressure and general conditioning society pushes onto us as we grow up to get us to all be the same, do the same jobs, have the same lifestyle and so on. But that is just not what you are here for in this lifetime. You are brilliant in your own unique way, and Human Design empowers you to thrive as your true self.

At the core, there are five archetypes. Each person is born as one of the five energy types known as Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.

Understanding and empowering yourself to know how your unique energy and aura operates and interacts with the world around you gives you a freedom to truly live in alignment with a life that you love and is right for you. 

My name is Rose Tautari, and if I was to introduce myself in Human Design speak, I am a Mental Projector, with a 6/2 profile (being both the Role Model and the Hermit). But if I was to grab a coconut milk latte (large please!) and sit down with you to chat in real life, I'd describe myself as a Beach-Side nomad who has the daily privilege of guiding other women on their journey to finding who they truly are (before the world tried to tell them who they “should” be). I am a Human Design reader and guide, an author and I host a weekly Human Design show called Lotus Life The Podcast


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