HUMAN DESIGN | The Secret To Discover Your True Self

The life changing power of understanding yourself and your purpose in life.

So what is Human Design? Are you ready to get into Rose-land with me?
Essentially It is a really powerful way of understanding what your soul is here in this lifetime to achieve, or what your soul’s purpose is in this life. It is like a blend or synthesis of wisdom that has existed for a really long time the I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakras, Yin & Yang and Astrology; so to determine what your Human Design is it comes from your exact birth date and time - because each soul is imprinted with a different combination of those factors depending on what was going on at the time you were born.

You can think of it as a personality test on steroids, but really for me it is a contract your soul makes with the universe in this lifetime for who you came here to be, what you came here to do, and what karma you came to correct this time around.  So each and every one of us on this planet have a unique Human Design, and you find out your design through using your birth date and time which will give a chart specific to only you. 

Its a bit like each of us humans are different gelato flavours, when you see all the different options in the cabinet to choose from, each has its own unique flavour going on - some flavours are the most common go-tos; some different ones will work really well in combination together; some will be the best on their own, and some will sit untasted for ages but then say someone finally discovers that flavour and then it sells out over night.

We are not all here on this earth to be the same homogenous flavour, and I feel like a lot of the general conditioning society gives us is to try and get us to all be the same, do the same jobs, have the same lifestyle and so on. Its just not what we are here for. 

We’re all brilliant in our unique ways, and this way of understanding who you are is so powerful it's really been a game changer for me. It also gives a really powerful understanding of how to identify when you are out of alignment with what your true version of yourself is; which might have been smothered by years of conditioning from the world around you; which I really found was the case for me and its something I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the past 2 years like stripping it all back or Deconditioning to all those factors that had tried to smother who I really am.  

At its core, Human Design shows us there are five main archetypes or types.They are known as Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.

Within each of these types, there are a number of different ways your type can vary depending on your 9 Centres (think of these as the different chakra centres within your body) such as your Root, Sacral, Throat, Mind etc. So the best place I can start is to explain a little bit about each of the types:


Click play on this podcast episode below where I give a Human Design chart reading for JACQUI SIVE (Splenic Projector 4/6)


Lets start with Generators - these design types are powerhouses; they make up 37% of the worlds population, and when you combine them with their similar type which we’ll get to shortly called Manifesting Generators it combines to make 70% of the worlds population. They are life-force in motion. Generators have an appealing and attracting energy and aura. They are here to make the most of life, and use their unbounded energy to move the world. They also will power their community forward with meaningful energy and enthusiasm. These people are the hustlers and doers, and the kind of people you will recognise in life that when they are doing what they love, they are magnetic. 
And the bit that is so powerful with Human Design, is that each type can see where life can be a  challenge for them, and easily identify where they are out of whack, or out of alignment which helps to course correct.

So for generators, these people need to listen to their gut, rather than saying yes to things they feel they ‘should’ do which don’t light them up. Because of their power house energy, they will find that other people will want to use a generator’s energy to their own gain. But generators need to feel lit up and passionate with what they’re doing and using their energy for, or else they burn out – these are the people that need to lean into that saying that unless it’s a hell yes, then its a hell no! An example of a generator is Lady Gaga, and Oprah with all that power house energy and power to move the world with what they do.

A huge part of what Human Design teaches for each type is how to go about living in your highest alignment with your design - kind of like your key way to approach life to be your happiest or most fulfilled - and for a Generator this is to Wait, React and Respond. This will make a lot more sense when we get into the other types, so lets jump to talking about Manifestors


This type is the sparkly energy of about 8-9% of the world. These people are trail blazers, creating movements, whether they are meaning to or not. 

Manifestor energy in the human design explanation simply means you don’t need to wait for permission, or in other words for the Universe in order to take action. These people are the type of energy that you cant help but notice when they walk into a room.  The universe is expressing itself through these people…. And A big part of living correctly as a manifestor is understanding those impulses to take action, because its pretty special. A really good example of a Manifestor type is Frida Kahlo, who just carved out a whole world for herself as an artist despite everything that might have held a different kind of person back.

So in terms of how Manifestors can be the most fulfilled or in their highest vibration their strategy for living life is to Act and Initiate. They have a selective aura, so they will attract some people and repel anyone not their people. And in terms of when this can show up as being not in alignment for example,  Manifestors might spend their lives trying to please everybody, which isnt their purpose or what they came here to do – but because society tells them they should try to make everyone happy it could end up holding a Manifestor back from fulfilling their true potential.


Now the next type are Manifesting Generators, that i touched on before -   These are a hybrid where in the modern age of human existence, the Generator and Manifestor have merged and this is something that its predicted will keep happening, there will be new types emerge as humans continue to exist – Anyway, back to Manifesting Generators so these are the people that when they’re living true to their design they are honestly superhuman! They’ve got the dual ability to act and initiate, as the Manifestor, and they can also just make shit happen like the generator can. Powerful right?! And this type makes up about 33% of the worlds population.

So as with all the types, they have their shit to deal with when they are not living in their type or have had the world try to tell them to live a different way to how they are designed to - which means Manifesting Generators can feel like they want to do all the things right now, like super impulsive, but also are waiting on their gut YES or NO to kick in.

So they might feel flaky or flip-floppy and they need that support from people that its ok to change your mind or direction rather than feel like its a negative thing.  David Bowie was a manifesting generator, which he was able to channel into his continual evolvement and change in direction like he was just able to be that superhuman life force. 


Alright, lets talk Projectors: so this is my type in case you are interested, and really the Projector type is way different to all the Generators, Manifestors and Manifesting Generators. So those three types are all known as Energy types. They create their own energy in a massive way. But us Projectors are a different type completely which I’ll explain soon.  

So what are is the purpose that Projectors are on earth for, well Projectors are here as the seers or guides for the tribe. They make up about 21% of the population, and they are a type that has only existed since 1781 - which is another example of how humans continue to evolve and the human design types will keep evolving with time.

So what are they here for, well they have an ability to see life in the way many others can’t – so that can be things like reading into people, coming up with systems, or designing new ways of doing things, projectors are here with a purpose to have a niche that they own and really excel in. For a projector to be living their happiest and best highest vibration life their strategy or way to go about living is described in Human Design as Waiting For The Invitation. 

Yup, you heard right, waiting for someone else (aka another energy type) to extend an invitation. A projector has an Aura that is super open and attracts people to them, which means hello having to learn boundaries because lots of people will want a piece; but the real magic happens when they sit back and wait for the invitation. Now the challenge that comes with being a Projector type is that society for the most part operates in the realm of the energy types. The Generators, the Manifestors and the Manifeting Generators.

Kids are raised with the energy types as the blueprint for what we should be all doing and being, and projectors can spend their life trying to prove they can hustle and keep up with the rest of the world. But the kicker here is that projectors don’t have their own energy source. So they need loads of rest and recharge time. They can easily get caught up in feeling bitter that they can’t just ‘make things happen’ like the 70% of the world they see around them. But projectors arent here to live that way, and as I can absolutely hand on heart swear by, the more you can release the hands off the wheel, and trust the flow of life - then the more will start happening for you, which is fucking irony at its best. But anyway, Barack Obama is also a projector type, and you can see that calm, guiding and attracting aura in him.


Lastly the fifth type are known as Reflectors.  So I find this type fascinating, and I cannot wait to connect with someone over reading their chart to find out they are a reflector - These are the living unicorns and super rare types in human design, with less than 1% of the population falling into this category.

What a reflector’s purpose is to be the true mirror for society, and they have the greatest potential for wisdom out of all the 5 types. So energetically, they are like blank slates, they don’t produce their own energy - so are more similar to the projector - but they have what is described as a Teflon Aura, so they actually have a superpower over us poor projectors who literally feel every-single-thing… and they can let everything else in the world around them slide right on by…. But because they have very little of their own defined energy and added to the fact they are growing up in a world of the Generator, Manifestor and Manifesting Generator life can be fucking confusing for these people. And again, this is where the beauty to Human Design comes in, because by understanding that you literally operate completely differently from 99% of the world, you can take back your own power of knowing that that is okay and you are completely fine to be the unicorn that you are here and your soul is here to be.

Reflectors are here in this life with a purpose to mirror, absorb or magnify the society they are surrounded by back to other people for them to be able to see - so they have an important role. They are designed to be the people who wake up and think “Who am I going to be today that makes me the happiest” so they will typically wear lots of hats over their lifetime, will change jobs lots, will float through many changes, and be completely unconventional but in their happiest state by being unconventional.

Another way to describe them is they are basically supposed to sit at the centre of a community and be the barometer to show the health of the community around them in terms of their vitality, happiness, spirituality etc. For a reflector to be in their happiest and highest alignment they are supposed to live their life being the Seive (instead of the sponge) and to take their time with any decision making, because just like the Moon doesn't create its own light it reflects the Sun; they should wait 28 days like the lunar cycle with any decision making in life. 

Because of their rarity (as only 1% of the population!) Sandra Bullock is the best known name as a Reflector type.


So now that we’ve covered the Types, lets go back to the gelato analogy for a hot moment - the individual differences or nuances within each type that go into making each lovely little human being come about based on things that are dictated by the planets, and almost like which switches get flicked on specific to each person - or in other words the specific recipe that goes into making each flavour. So just like Chocolate Gelato might be smooth in one recipe, another might use chunky bits through it, another might use a higher percentage of dark chocolate… and so on… basically just because it is Chocolate Gelato doesn’t mean that each type is the exact same. So the same goes for each type in Human Design.

There are 9 different centres (which I mentioned briefly earlier, which you can picture as the Hindu Chakras such as the Root, Sacral, Throat) that can be either what is called Defined - which means you will have more of a fixed or consistent aspect of this in your personality; or what is known as Open or Undefined which means we are more susceptible to take in the conditioning of others through these centres or are more malleable and open to the influence of those around us, and crucially this happens whether we are aware its happening or not - which is where we often develop subconscious conditioning over our lives.

These also contribute to our specific flavour - I’m not going to dive into all the different types, but  I’ll use myself as an example of a projector here, there are 3 what you could call sub-types of Projectors - and the same goes for all the other Generators, Manifestors etc they have sub-types; so the 3 types of projector are Classic Projectors, Energy Projectors, and Mental Projectors, and I am a mental projector. (And true fucking story Darren is a Mental Projector too, which now that I know that is so wild but makes a whole lot of sense about why we click together so well, but I won’t get side tracked into that topic)

So knowing where our traits are the most fixed and then equally where we are the most open to the outside influence is super powerful in helping us on a daily basis. By understanding this about ourselves and our design it helps us figure out which of our choices, emotions and actions are coming from a place that is our truth or our true self, and which are things that we can look at and say, oh thats actually not really who I am, and course correct.

So I won’t dive into what each of the centres traits and details are, but to give you an overview you have 9 centres which are called the Crown, Anja, Throat, G Centre, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen and Root.


Each person has one of these Centres that will be defined as its Inner Authority, which can be explained like this is how you make your decisions. So you might have your Spleen defined and this is called Spleenic Authority in Human Design which is basically your fear centre in your body, and you will feel this kick into action when you need to make a decision in your life - like have I got nervous excitement, or butterflies, or anxiety - and then because you know that this is where your decision making gets made through your human design its like a muscle you can start to exercise and understand how to use… rather than being lost in the dark feeling like I dont even KNOW how to make a decision about this. 

So again, just using myself as an example I have what is called NO inner authority because of the type Projector I am, being a Mental Projector, which means that to make a decision I have to talk it out with someone, but not because I want their feedback or advice, I literally need to be able to hear myself out loud and then I’ll know whether I’m a yes or a no … like honestly knowing that about myself was MIND. BLOWING. And makes soooo much sense when I look back on how I handle things or situations… its incredible. 


Right and then the last aspect I’m going to touch on just briefly, is that each Gelato Flavour (I’m totally loving this analogy) has got a way that it scoops out of the box. Like some will be soft and glide easily in one roll, some are sticky and clumpy, some are like melting straight away.. Ok I think you get it. But anyway, each person has their own unique Profile made up of two predominant traits out of a list of six.

Examples of these 6 what are called Lines, are given names like The Investigator, or the Opportunist, and in My case my two lines out of the 6 are the Role Model and the Hermit (ironically also the Profile that Barack Obama which I find kinda like woah) So there are 12 combinations of these lines that each person comes under one of those profiles, which as i say is like the added extra ontop of the flavour and recipe that goes into making each individual person.


Now there’s a whole lot more that goes into each Human Design chart, and this gets into what are known as Gates and Channels - which is back to the light switch analogy I talked about earlier, with each person having a unique combination of these light switches either turned on or off, and then there are influences of each planet from the time you were born that have a say in how those Energy Gates are expressed (the astrology nerds out there will be super into this part of the design chart); and finally also something known as an Incarnation Cross which is kind of like each persons north star or guiding karmic purpose for being here in this lifetime, which there are hundreds of different incarnation crosses and its still an area I’m learning about at this stage. 

Now for some people, they are going to find out the information from their birth data, and only get to the level of information that I’ve covered in this introduction to what Human Design is at the core, and they might only need that spark of going OMG ok so turns out I’m a Manifesting Generator, and they instantly can see how they can tweak things and start living in their design straight away and thats it for them. And they might not return to their chart for more detail or information for some time or when they feel like they need to dig deeper at some stage. 

Or on the other hand, someone might input their birth data, find out they are a Projector and then realise that they have been conditioned to be living life as if they were a Generator and thats why they are feeling so burnt out and out of alignment in life… and they might want to dive deeper into their chart so they can see where they need to go through what is called Deconditioning, or essentially unlearning everything that they have been told they were “supposed to be” doing or being, and that process takes time which is where having someone who can read into it a bit deeper, or guide that process is helpful and necessary. 

For some people it's a relief, like almost validation and that feeling of like wooooosh just being able to relax and know it's ok to have been feeling like nothing is working, nothing is happening the way they wanted, or that everything is a struggle…. And then for other people its kind of hard to accept, because they have been so deeply conditioned to think that there’s only ONE WAY of being, or that to be successful you have to be only one way in life. And thats crap, like the whole thing here is to celebrate the fact that us humans are supposed to all be different and unique, and have our individual soul purposes… thats what makes us the human race and the beauty of humanity … we’re not supposed to be this homogenous, beige group of sameness… we’re here to sing and dance and create things like music and art and technology.

Honestly thats why I just get so lit up by Human Design, why I know its my purpose to be here to educate and to guide people; and one of the core functions of why Human Design was brought into the world was essentially for the future generations of unborn children to come, so that we as humanity can learn about this and understand it as though its something as simple as Oh that baby was born with brown eyes, that we can become a world where your child is born and its just as simple as understanding OH my baby is a Manifestor, this is how their uniqueness and gifts and way to go about being their happiest expression can be nurtured from day one - rather than how virtually all of us grow up at the moment getting to a certain point in our lives when we realise we have to do the work to shed all these traits and conditionings that aren’t serving us or are subconsciously holding us back from living in our truest and highest vibe and happiest expression.

The best way I can describe the way I’ve come to know about Human Design, and this whole direction that my life is here and the purpose I am here to go in, I just know this is something that I just have to kind of course-correct and keep steering my purpose towards is because It’s a language that I understand. Its got that magic kind of knowing that even though when I’ve read and listened to the concepts of Human Design for the first time I just GET IT - I can’t describe it any way other than feeling like I already know it all, but its kind of like remembering a dream when you wake up,  it’s a language I speak but I just haven’t used that way of speaking for a very, very long time… (like probably in my past lives if we really want to go there with my true beliefs about how our souls work, but that’s probably a story for another day my love) 

Essentially, It makes total sense to me why I’ve been so steeped in the conversations about the importance of self love, self confidence, and understanding your WHY on my journey up til now … because these things are all the core of Human Design, and how each person can live their most epic lives by using the understanding of their design, and  it’s a way that I can take all of those important things that build our happiness and supercharge it - now I think personally that that is fucking cool…. 


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