My list of Essential Oils I use ... before I even have breakfast!

Do you ever feel like your morning self-care routine isn’t QUITE on point?

Take a moment & think… what do you do before you’ve even had breakfast in the morning? Do you feel like you take care of your health as your first priority?

I’m sharing my holistic health hacks of my essential oils that I use every morning, yup, before I’ve even had breakfast!

I’m the first one up - and at the moment it is DARK with the seasons changing. After my feet hit the floor, and I creep out into the lounge, I get my diffuser going → this wakes up my body & mind to start the day in the best way: at the moment I’m loving a blend of Peppermint, Lemon Grass, Lemon.

I fill my glass with warm water - adding a drop of Lemon & On Guard oils with a capful of organic Apple Cider Vinegar which I drink on an empty stomach. My gut health adores me for giving it this combo daily,

Then I take care of my skin after dry brushing … I slather on coconut oil with Frankincense + Lavender oil → not only does this smell incredible, but helps nourish my skin which struggles along, & can use all the help it can get (definitely not blessed with the perfect skin genes over here - hands up where are my Keratosis Pillaris babes at?!)

By this point, I’m one seriously zen, dewy skin, goddess floating around the house… just in time for my grouchy tired teenager to emerge from his cave… thank fuck for essential oils. Because ain’t nobody got time to listen to ground hog day number 374 about “Where are my socks?”

Wouldn’t you just adore some amped up self-care action to start your morning right? What’s the biggest pain point for you in the mornings?

Let me know


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