If there's one thing I know in my heart, I'm passionate about making Human Design more accessible and to empower you with this beautiful clarity on your soul magic you have come here with... especially when things feel heavy... I believe it is our divine purpose to share more kindness & gratitude

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Empowering You To Understand Your Human Design



Your Human Design Self Study Guides allow you to build your own self-paced reading, to suit you - all with immediate access and lifetime resources that are yours to keep!

Step 1 - Start Here


Understanding your unique energy type is a fundamental baseline as you begin to delve into Human Design. This masterclass is an intensive headfirst dive into what it means to be your Energy Type and how you can use that to flourish as as your unique, beautiful soul in this lifetime. 


Understanding your Human Design energy type is kind of like receiving your permission slip from the universe to finally be your true self. 



Included In Your Masterclass:


- Masterclass as an audio & visual presentation for those who are visual learners.

- Downloadable audio of the masterclass to listen anywhere.

- PDF of the Masterclass.

- Bonus downloadable guided meditation just for your Energy Type.

- Bonus Moon Meditation and Journalling Practice 

- Resources for beginning to understand your chart

- Resources on your soul's fears & how you manifest based on your design

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Step 1 - Start Here

STEP 2 - Move Here Second




Call them nudges, vibes, instinct or intuition - learning about Human Design Authority gives you clarity of how Source speaks through you in order to guide you towards operating from your unique energetic alignment, your highest vibration and allowing your true essence to shine. 

Your Authority can also be considered your INNER COMPASS, INTUITIVE GIFTS & DECISION MAKING tools that you have tucked into your cosmic backpack that you carry around with you throughout this lifetime


Having awareness of and using your Authority is like finding the golden zone when everything just seems to naturally and effortlessly fall into place in life as you are guided towards decisions, opportunities, connections and more that are CORRECT & ALIGNED for your soul.

You have ONE AUTHORITY that you have come here with in this lifetime and it does not change... click on your AUTHORITY below to get started!



Included In Your Self Study Guide


- An AUDIO recording covering your Authority in detail

- A PDF guide to your Authority

- Downloadable audio to listen anywhere.

- Resources for beginning to understand your chart & where to next


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STEP 3 - Head Here Third




This is an understanding of your archetype. Learning to live in your own unique flow - and the incredible thing is that there isn’t anything you need to 'do' about it!


Your Profile is a part of you that you naturally embody, without even knowing that you are! What you can do is begin to work in harmony WITH your Profile, to recognise the uniqueness that you possess and to nurture the parts of your profile by understanding the two lines of your Profile - how they operate individually, then as they come together to make the characteristics and attributes of the Profile you have with you throughout this lifetime. 


There are twelve different profiles, which are made up of a combination of two numbers. You have ONE PROFILE that is yours in this lifetime - and it does not change... click on your AUTHORITY below to get started!



Included In Your Self Study Guide:


- An AUDIO recording covering your PROFILE in detail
- AUDIO recordings of your two individual PROFILE LINES

- A PDF guide to your PROFILE + your two individual PROFILE LINES

- Downloadable audio to listen anywhere.

- Resources for beginning to understand your chart & where to voyage next



***More Resources, Coming Soon!***



I created these Masterclasses & Self Study Guides to empower you with the same information you would receive for your Human Design Chart Reading ... delivered in a totally new paradigm format!


Access your Human Design, Anywhere, Anytime + When the timing is right FOR YOU


This is where the magic can really happen lovely - understanding YOUR true purpose and design that is uniquely YOU. I am honoured to be here as your guide as you take your first steps on this journey & enjoy diving deep into the rabbit hole of Human Design.... exploring your soul's cosmic DNA!




Where can I dive deeper into my Human Design?


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