Step this way into Rose-land, where you will find tools to discover your keys to understanding your life purpose, empowering yourself to BE your truest self, and what you are here on earth for.

My purpose and my gift is in helping women understand what you came here to do in this lifetime, you magical soul! 

You are brilliant in your unique way, and Human Design is a tool of understanding who YOU truly are - before the world tried to tell you.

I like to explain Human Design as the agreement your soul makes with the Universe in this lifetime for WHO you came here to be, WHAT you came here to do, and what KARMA you came to correct this time around.  You have a unique Human Design specific to YOU, and your design is reveled through using your birth date, place and time. 
Or think of it as if humans are different gelato flavours, when you walk in the store and see all the beautiful different options in the cabinet to choose from, each has its own unique flavour going on.

Think of this as your permission slip from the universe to be the person you are here to be!


Don't Know Your Human Design Type?

That's ok! Most people have no idea what their design is. Click the button below to use this free online tool to find out your Human Design! All you need to find out your Type is your birth date, birth time and location you were born. Then you can come back and enjoy diving into the masterclasses, blog posts, or book a 1:1 chart reading to learn more about understanding your Human Design!

Hi, I'm Rose

A Mental Projector and Beach-Side nomad - My purpose in this lifetime is to guide you in your Human Design journey.

A professional at dog cuddling, falling out of yoga poses and making smoothies since 1985. 


Listen in to my weekly podcast, where we get to hang out and chat about all things HUMAN DESIGN. Hang out and learn how you can live your most aligned life by empowering yourself to understand your unique soul's purpose.

If you didn't know - the Lotus has an incredible flower that grows from muddy water. This podcast, Lotus Life is a celebration of just that - blooming and thriving from even the murkiest of conditions in life.


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